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Thread: Octavia FL RS 3 - Adaptation of lights

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    @DV52 i dont need try it, i know that will not works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motrr View Post
    @DV52 i dont need try it, i know that will not works.
    Why? I dont see, why Dons adaption channels would not work...
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    @DV52, @TBAx:
    Coding the cornering as written doesn't work indeed on O3 FL!
    You have to change these adaptations channels too:
    "static AFS light-Abdimmgeschwindigkeit“, change to 50 %/s
    "static AFS light-Maximaltemperatur“, change to 100 *C
    "static AFS light-obere Grenztemperatur“, change to 95 *C
    "static AFS light-untere Grenztemperatur“, change to 80 *C
    Report back the result

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    ^^^icarddiag: OK-thanks for the additional advice - the changes to the Leuchte-sets is normally sufficient because the BCM in ALL the cars that I've seen is usually factory set with workable settings in the "static AFS light" channels (regardless of whether cornering lights was built into the car originally).

    Odd that the good burghers @ Audi have chosen not to continue this custom-and-practice in the FL R3!

    Anyhow: here's the complete listing- if it helps

     IDE03638-IDE04231-static AFS light-Steering wheel angle: offset	-0.3 
    IDE03638-ENG116677-static AFS light-Abdimmgeschwindigkeit	50.0 %/s
    IDE03638-ENG116673-static AFS light-bei Rueckwaertsfahrt	OFF 
    IDE03638-ENG116675-static AFS light-Lower speed threshold	0.0 km/h
    IDE03638-ENG116682-static AFS light-Maximaltemperatur	100.0 C
    IDE03638-ENG116679-static AFS light-obere Grenztemperatur	95.0 C
    IDE03638-ENG116681-static AFS light-Oberer Lenkradwinkel	90 
    IDE03638-ENG116680-static AFS light-untere Grenztemperatur	80.0 C
    IDE03638-ENG116678-static AFS light-Unterer Lenkradwinkel	30 
    IDE03638-ENG116676-static AFS light-Upper speed threshold	32.0 km/h
    IDE03638-ENG116674-static AFS light-Vorschrift	OFF 
    IDE03638-ENG115830-static AFS light-Zeitwert Einschaltzeit Abbiegelicht	15 min
    VW Golf MkVII (MY13) - A3 8V hatch (MY17)

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