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Thread: Comeback P0333

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    Question Comeback P0333

    1.8t AWM passat has a new knock sensor. the code came from messing around the chain tensioner.

    did not have the engine at TDC before taking off the intake camshaft. slapped it back together with correct marks/16 links. still made sure to rotate it by hand without plugs.
    ran like shit for 10 startups until i did the chain again. had to move the intake valves into correct position by moving the camshaft without the chain on it.

    car runs fine/good compression but long trips will bring P0333 back everytime. the only code.

    please advise
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    We do have a Ross-Tech wiki page for this fault code, see the link below.

    P0333 - Knock Sensor 2 (G66): Signal too High

    I would like to add, you can have a look at the Measuring Value Block group [026] to 'see' the Knock Sensor Voltages for Cylinder 1-4.

    Please post a complete vehicle Auto-Scan when posting questions on the Ross-Tech forum,

    Thank you,


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