So I've started using the great LCode.exe "offline" on my desktop computer so I can drop in Long Coding strings and then compare against others the bytes/bits etc. Its very useful

However, historically, I've gone to a car and screengrabbed each of the Long Coding Pages of a Module 1 by 1 so I get all the "Plain text" coding while VCDS is connected to the vehicle. I'm assuming VCDS is pulling this info from the module in real-time (?)

What I want to do is import those plain text words for each bit so they can be added as label files when using LCode.exe offline on its own. (without being anywhere near a car!)

I tried to add a label file from my default VCDS install and that worked, but obviously it doesnt have label files for all models and variants which is why I assumed when VCDS is connected to a car its pulling that plain text wording from the module in real-time.

Is there a way to create label files this way to bring that plain text coding where a default lbl file doesnt exist so it can be used in the LCode.exe offline?

I hope that makes sense