New to forum but had Vcds for a while on my of my vw. I have a 2003 a3 8p 2.0 tdi keeps going through steering racks. I brought it and had 3 recon fitted I had it 3 weeks and lost power steering. Read codes on a snapon solus as laptop is at home and I get 00537 steering torque sensor (g269) Ross tech wiki says check terminal 15. Is that going to be on the loom or rack wiring. Any help in right direction. I also cannot sync any key fobs with car even with vcds. Tried all the ways on the site but no joy. On scan on snap on not vcds as at home I get these faults. 00059 terminal 30 interior light electrical problem
01049 supply voltage terminal 50 short with power
00906 horn h1 open circuit/short with ground
00834 signal for activation heater rear window open circuit/short
00926 terminal 30 not a plausable signal intermittent