I have a 1997 VW Polo (actually my wife has it). It hardly ever gets driven (72000km), and because of that, the car just sits there for ages and the battery goes dead. After I charge up the battery and start the car, it is difficult to keep it idling, and once it does start idling it's a bit rough. The first time this happened, I figured out what was going on and purchased VCDS-Lite and a cable, and after removing and cleaning the throttle body, I was able to successfully perform a throttle body alignment, and all was good.
Anyway I just went to do it again yesterday and I cant get it to work.
I go to Engine Module 8, Basic settings 4, I choose group 098 and click go. Apparently it is supposed to come up ADP. O.K after it does it's thing, but instead it has 35.0 in the Adaption Status box, and nothing happens.
That was yesterday. Today I tried it again and it said 36.0.
Battery voltage was 11.7, and the temperature was around 40 or 50 deg C.
Much appreciated any help thanks.