Uwe and team

Friend of mine was doing a controller channel map for me on his 2016 Q7 4M and accidentally clicked on Activate Transport Mode. After doing this he clicked on Disable Transport mode straight after, but it didnt work. Going for a drive, leaving car over night etc, no change

Clicking "Disable Transport Mode" again made no difference

In the end, I had to connect remotely to his laptop and change this Adaption Channel on Module 03 (ABS) to "Deactivating" manually (after entering security code) to disable transport mode. After that, the DTC in Module 03 about Transport Mode being activate disappeared and all was well again

Module 03 ABS
IDE10867-MAS11564-Hold management in transport mode-Local activation >> Deactivating (His was still set to "Activate" even after pressing the "Disable Transport Mode" button in VCDS 'Applications')

Reporting this incase this is missing in the logic that happens behind the VCDS button to Disable Transport Mode.