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    I have a lowered Caddy 2K 1.9tdi C20 2005 and would like to upgrade the front wishbone rear bushes to polyurethane rather than replace with stock VW parts
    I am not sure if this is the same as a MK5 golf running gear setup
    I need a size and if possible recommendation of where and who would be able to supply these in the UK...
    All help appreciated

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    They are the same as MK5 1K Golf and 1T Touran.

    I've used Powerflex a lot and have had no issues myself.

    If you want to really tighten up the front, go nuts: get the Anti-lift kit, which gives better traction (less wheel hop) and also more caster, makes the steering feel heavier and more solid.

    In addition to that, I got the camber adjustable front lower arm bushes and the ECS subframe lock kits (which needs trimming to fit with the anti-lift kit). With standard bushes, the camber isn't adjustable as such - you have to slide the subframe left or right to make it even. With the adjustable bushes, you can adjust each side individually which probably helps a lot on a lowered Caddy.

    My Touran is raised slightly, and the camber adjustment was brilliant.
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