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2013 audi a3 2.0 tdi hatchback 5 door

Do not know what 4E is cant get rid of it
4E is for Rear Seat Entertainment. Its set on the MIB2.

Go into Adaptation of 5F and look for "Smart Display Carrier 1" or 2 under "Installation List"

Set it to No, and apply and reboot your MIB2 with 3 Finger Salute. This will clear 4E from your Autoscan list.

I'm not sure if VCDS shows the names next to each installation list now (it didnt previously).. but might do now. Otherwise use ODIS.


p.s. - Did you buy a brand new VC cockpit then (0 Miles) and set RS "Dials" (the big centre dial) before removing CP and putting mileage back on it?