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Thread: Active Lane Assist "bouncing" After ABS Update

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    Actually Don, there is Adaptive lane guidance. What it does it tries to keep the car in the middle of the lane. Kind of a poor mans autopilot.
    If you untick the adaptive lane guidance, then it reverts to a version where it only steers if the car gets too close to middle or side boundary of the lane.

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    Lane Assist = Volkswagen branding for late intervention
    Adaptive Lane Guidance = Volkswagen branding for early intervention

    I think Audi may brand it as something else, the names escape me at the moment. Exact same concept behind the scenes though. The essential design concept is found in the Audi Dissertation Series title, "User-Oriented Development and Driver-Friendly Design of a Lateral Guidance Assistant" by Matthias Mann:

    Above is one in a very large dissertation series, all of which are really interesting, and all of which are shockingly annoying to lay hold of here in the USA. I was fully willing to pay, but they're only for sale from vendors in Germany, none of which are willing to sell outside the EU. I literally had to have a German citizen straw purchase that for me, and it's only available in German, and it's still fantastic info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by findcoop View Post
    If you do the VCDS tweak, adaptive lane tracking becomes an option under lane assist. In this mode, the car tries to stay centred instead of only taking action when the vehicle approaches the lane boundary. I'm seeking the setting that makes the adaptive mode default, whereas now it is exposed in the menu, but I have to click it again after each vehicle start.
    findcoop: Ok, if you say so- but I believe that you are conflating disparate functions and separate terms. The only aspect of lane assist that changes in byte 14 is when the intervention happens: setting this intervention to "earlier" doesn't make lane assist "adaptive" - it just makes the algoritm intercede sooner when the car starts deviating!!

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