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i'm new to this forum, so sorry if this Project is not actual anymore.

Have you already tried activating acc in ecu?
I own a 1.2l TSI MK6 and i want to retrofit ACC too.
So i have started VCDS - done an Autoscan - gone into coding ECU - VCDS shows me to possibility to activate GRA but not ACC.
I began thinking this one would not be possible, but i looked over a lot of Scans from other MK6. When i activate GRA the value of this byte was "20" other cars with ACC had "40" coded. Manually changing it to "40" and apply did the trick for me.
After that i had 2 errors about missing messages from front-radar and another one i don't remember atm.
Please try it and post your Scan after that change. If that change isn't possible ACC won't do it AFAIK.

Can you show me your autoscan?
This is still relevant altho i've moved to the stage where i am completely emulating my engine ECU
Altho enabling it would help me out allot.