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Thread: Requesting for coding help - Xenon AFS Headlight retrofit

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    Thanks a ton for the info folks, much appreciated.
    I will get the AFS master ASAP, thanks for linking me to the right one @langers2k.

    I will also attempt to retrofit the rear sensor as well, I'm not too familiar with it, but will do my best.

    Is there a coding by which I can get away with just the front sensor retrofit, till I experiment on the rear linkage? (after I swap in the 5M0907357C of course, which should be quick)
    Just trying to avoid the annoying AFS error on ignition, and the bulb on the cluster, till I figure out the rear sensor retrofit (I suspect the rear retrofit will take some time)

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    You won’t get away. Rear sensor is the mandatory one, front is the optional.

    Rear sensor is easy but you need some equipment. There’s no threads on the rear bar only holes. Officially you need rivet nuts and the tool to squeeze them.
    Easiest way to take the wire in is the same location where driver side rear abs sensor wire is coming through. It’s easily accessible by lifting the inner wheel arch.

    You can modify the AFS coding for one sensor, and now I’m going by memory, reduce either 1024 or 2048 from the coding. Can’t remeber which one

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    Rear sensor is super easy

    Here is my rear suspension after I added the five rivnuts:

    Then with the sensor, make sure the arm faces the same way:

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