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Thread: Cross Reference Schematic Number (like J526) to a component ID (like 4B0 999 999)

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    Channel 062 is set to 3 currently, and the Telephone DTC isn't stored anymore so I'd leave it as-is. For future reference, those are additive and the complete chart for channel 062 is:

    Infotainment CAN-Databus
    +01 = Radio
    +02 = Telematics (North America)
    +04 = Navigation
    +08 = Telematics (Rest of World) without Multi-Function Steering Wheel
    +10 = Telematics (Rest of World) with Multi-Function Steering Wheel

    The PR-codes for you VIN based on PartsLink24 are:
    Vehicle Identification No. WAUML64B43N104356
    Model Audi A6 qu. 4,2 A6
    Date of production 16.04.2003
    Model year 2003
    Sales type 4B451Z
    Engine Code AWN
    Transmission Code FUL
    Axle drive 5A
    Equipment LE
    Roof color Y5
    Carpet color code
    Exterior color / Paint Code Y5 / Y1W
    Seat combination no.
    Number of Z-Orders
    Special editions E0A Without special action equipment
    Lockable wheel bolts 1PA Standard wheel bolts
    Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components 0DS Vehicle class differentiation -4B0-
    Emission standard 0GM Emission standard LEV 1
    Trailer hitch 1D0 without trailer towing
    airbag 4UB Airbag for NAR
    Aktivkohlebehälter / Ottopartikelfilter 1E4 Activated carbon canister (ORVR) and siphoning device for fueling
    Label for central electric 0W2 Label for central electric system English-speaking countries
    Exterior mirror setting 6XL Exterior mirrors with memory feature, auto-dimming, power-folding/adjustable/ heated
    Left exterior mirror 5SG Left exterior mirror, flat
    Right exterior mirror 5RW Right exterior mirror, convex (US) large viewing field
    Drive type 1X1 Four-wheel drive
    Equipment levels A8U Executive US equipment
    Brake type in rear 1KE Disc brakes in rear
    batteries J1G Battery 450 A (92 Ah)
    Brake type, front 1LX Disc brakes in front
    Components with special surface 6FB exterior mirror housing in colour of vehicle
    Component part sets with country-specific design requirements B0A build parts set without county specific documentatio
    Owner's manuals 0VM Information kit in American English
    CD ROM/DVD/SD card 7QA Without CD/DVD for navigation
    CD changer/CD player 7A0 Without CD changer/CD player
    General operating permit, alterations C00 Operating permit, initial registration
    Shock absorption/suspension, chassis 1BH Suspension/shock absorption, standard 2
    Roof rails/roof load rack 3S0 Without roof rails/roof load rack
    Double DIN/dual-view display 2T1 Double-sized standard (DIN)
    Roof insert/convertible top 3FE Tilting and sliding glass sunroof with sunbshade
    Load-through hatch/ski bag 3X1 Load-through hatch with ski bag
    Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type 2G1 Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel
    Theft protection system 7AG Electronic immobilizer with anti-theft alarm system (for USA)
    Inserts 5ME Vavona wood insert "amber", high-gloss
    Scuff plates 7M1 Scuff plates in door apertures with metal inserts
    Park distance control 7X0 Without park distance control
    Tachograph/logbook 9NX Without electronic logbook
    Headlight activation 8K0 Without special driving light switching
    Antifreeze 1C2 Antifreeze up to -35 degree celsius tolerance up to -40 degree C
    Vehicle specifications F0A No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
    Danger alarm system VY0 Without danger alarm system
    Alternators 8GT Compact alternator 90 - 150A
    Transmission types/gearshift mechanisms 0G7 tiptronic
    Transmission shafts, rear axle 1YD Transmission shafts for rear axle, diameter 108
    Transmission shafts 1WD Transmission shaft for tripod joints
    Weight category rear axle 0YU Weight range 19 installation control only, no requirement forecast
    Weight category front axle 0JP Weight category front axle weight range 14
    Base engine T7S 8-cyl. petrol engine 4.2 l assembly 077.2 (ALU)
    Tie down straps/net/pocket 6M6 Load protection system including shopping net
    cruise control system 8T1 Cruise control system (CCS)
    Exterior noise suppression measures 2B2 additional noise dampener
    Garage door opener VC1 Garage door opener
    Luggage compartment trim 5A5 Luggage compartment trim, with storage compartments
    Transmission specifications G0Q 5-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
    handle for hand brake lever 6PC handbrake lever grip (leather)
    Rear trim panel 6V2 Rear trim panel
    Rear spoiler 5J0 Without rear spoiler
    Rear axle 0N1 Standard rear axle
    Rear seats 3NZ Rear bench seat, not split, split backrest, folding
    Heating and air-conditioning system 9AK Climatronic with impact pressure control, CFC-free
    Headlamps 8EH Bi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp, for driving on the right (US design)
    Customized installation FC0 Without individual installation
    Instrument clusters U1D Instrument insert w/ mph speedo, clock, tachometer, trip odometer and additional instruments (voltage, oil temperature)
    Instrument panel 4N0 Standard dashboard (Leather trimmed minor gauges + Ipod drawer)
    Breakaway interior rearview mirror 4L7 Breakaway interior rearview mirror, auto-dimming, with compass
    Body style K8S Notchback with long vehicle front end
    Luggage compartment floor covering 6SS Luggage compartment floor covering
    Cassette and CD storage unit 4W0 without cassette / CD tray
    Child seats QA0 without child seat
    headrest for seat, rear 3Q6 Three rear head restraints
    Fuel quantity for initial filling 1Z6 Increase in initial standard fuel filling
    Fuel systems 0F2 Fuel system for SI engine
    Body measures 5C6 Additional measures for the body
    Kindersitzbank 3V0 without child bench seat
    Front license plate bracket 6W3 License plate bracket front (small, NAR)
    Paint preservative/transit coating 5K5 Transportation protective film (instead of paint preservation)
    Rear cargo area 3GA Without luggage compartment floor
    Steering system arrangement L0L Left-hand drive
    steering 1N3 Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
    Lumbar support 7P1 Power adjustable lumbar support in front seats
    steering wheels 2ZM Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel
    Speaker installation 8RY loudspeaker with BOSE-sound
    Steering column systems 2C7 Safety steering column with electric axial and tilt adjustment
    Leather parts 3HA Without leather parts scope
    Headlight range control 8Q3 Dynamic headlight range control (self-adjusting while driving)
    Center armrest 6E3 Center armrest in front
    Multi-function display/trip computer 9Q2 Multi-function display/trip computer with check control
    Engine cooling 8Z6 Hot country
    Engine specifications D0F 8-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l/220 kW V8 motronic base engine is T7S
    Navigation device 7Q0 without navigation system
    rear fog lamp 8TE Rear fog light for USA
    Audi Sport/ Quattro GmbH FQ0 Series wheels
    Wheels C4E Alloy wheels 8J x 16, ET 35
    Radios 8YN Radio "symphony" for USA
    Tire pressure monitoring system 7K0 Without tyre pressure monitor
    tire H3N 235/50 R16 H all-weather tyres
    Tire suppliers V0A Tires without specification of tire brand
    Spare wheel/breakdown kit 1G3 Alloy spare wheel with original equipment tires
    PAW cold-weather package USA
    WPX premium package for USA
    Sill top/sill cover 5E7 Large sill top with door cover
    Side airbag 4X3 Side airbag in front, with curtain airbag
    Gearshift knob/handle 6Q2 Gearshift knob/handle in leather
    Self-collection / special control A00 No self-collection
    Special labels/plates 0SS Labels in English and French
    Locking mechanism for boot lid/cover rear 4E4 Trunk lid/tailgate operation from inside
    Bumper systems 2K8 bumper reinforced
    Seat belt check 9P1 Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
    Center rear seat belts 3C7 3-point seat belt for center rear seat
    Gearshift boot/cover 6R0 Gearshift boot for automatic transmission
    seat covers N1H Seat trim covers in leather
    Seat adjustment 3L4 Electric seat adjustment for both front seats, driver's seat with memory system
    seat heater 4A4 Seat heater for front and rear seats separately controlled
    Safety certificate 0LB With special labels safety certificates for USA
    Voice enhancer VX0 Without voice enhancer
    Audio-response system/voice control QH0 without voice control
    Side and rear windows 4KC Side and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
    Sunroof roller blind for rear/side windows 3Y0 without roller blind
    Handling production and pre-production FA0 Control of standard production
    Headlamp washer system 8X1 Headlamp washer system
    Windshield wiper intermittent control/ light/rain sensor 8N4 Windshield wiper intermittent control with potentiometer (four speeds)
    Door and lid locking system 4K2 Central locking system with radio remote control, two-stage unlocking
    Telepass-Gerät / Mautsystem 9B0 Without telepay device
    Type approval countries/countries with special requirements B34 Legal requirements USA
    Carrier frequency for remote control 5D2 Carrier frequency 315 MHz
    Partition 3CA without partition
    Transit coating NT2 Transit coating (type 3)
    TV reception/digital radio reception QV0 without TV/digital radio reception
    Assembly parts for engine (drive bearing) 1VJ Assembly part for 8-cyl. engine
    Front underbody guard 1SA Without additional front underbody guard
    Identification plates 1EP Special identification label (USA)
    Type sign 2Z1 Type sign at rear and "Quattro" nameplates respectively
    Delivery equipment 2A4 Delivery equipment for shipment (transit coating) with thick seat cover
    First aid kit / warning triangle 1T3 First aid kit with warning triangle
    Front seats Q1A Standard seats in front
    Telephone / telematics 9ZS Emergency call system (NAR) (telematics 1 – fixed installation)
    Heat accumulator system/auxiliary heater 7E0 W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
    Windshield Glass 4GP Windshield in heat-insulating glass with sunshield and viewing window for vehicle identification number
    Additional tires (snow tires) 2WA without spare tyre
    Decorative trims 4ZB Bright decorative trims
    Additional child seat anchors 3B7 Child seat anchors as per Canadian requirements a. ISOFIX child seat system
    Additional dust seals 6U0 Without additional seals outside
    Auxiliary heating system 9M0 Without auxiliary heater/parking heater
    If you aren't comfortable with that PR-Code list in our forum we can remove it from my post. In that case, just ask and it will be removed. If we miss a request, you can click Report and that will send one of us an email reminder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    Channel 062 is set to 3 currently, and the Telephone DTC isn't stored anymore so I'd leave it as-is. For future reference, those are additive and the complete chart for channel 062 is:

    Infotainment CAN-Databus
    +01 = Radio
    +02 = Telematics (North America)
    +04 = Navigation
    +08 = Telematics (Rest of World) without Multi-Function Steering Wheel
    +10 = Telematics (Rest of World) with Multi-Function Steering Wheel
    Is that +10 decimal or +0x10 hexadecimal? If decimal then that would be the same as Telematics (NA) plus Telematics (RoW) w/o MFSW???

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetrolDave View Post
    Is that +10 decimal or +0x10 hexadecimal? If decimal then that would be the same as Telematics (NA) plus Telematics (RoW) w/o MFSW???
    Hmm.. I wonder if that's brain fart on the label writer's case. Those numbers are decimal, and I can see the possibility that it should have been +16.

    Back in the 4B days, the NAR Telematics unit was quite different than the ROW one.

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    Thank you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uwe View Post
    Hmm.. I wonder if that's brain fart on the label writer's case.
    No fart of any kind, it's all fully intentional.
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