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Thread: Remove Software Version Management Error

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    Thanks for all the help. Got it sorted and that DTC no longer appears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtime View Post
    CP removal is not enough. You forget the dreaded FeC codes what you cannot get to an unit that has never been in that car. For example MIB1 and MIB2 have different FeCs for map data. So even you would get bluetooth working which has the same FeC in both, you’ll never be able to enable navigation in official way.
    Same goes for smartlink or appconnect like VW likes to call it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spacewalker View Post
    so better is unlock unit and make it P&P
    CP today is not protection
    Yeah, I just had that happen to a caller. He had two 2015 Golfs, one with Nav (which was a parts donor) and one without Nav which is the car he's using. He swapped the units over, had Nav with CP DTCs and sent it to the dealer for CP removal. As expected, his CP was removed but Navigation shows Not Available on-screen

    He doesn't have the donor car anymore to simply reinstall the 5F unit into and let the dealer reconfigure it - so that's a bummer.

    Glad to hear the OP got his sorted.

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