Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, my name is Gaston and I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina, I have a Volkswagen Amarok D / C TDI 2.0 180cv Year 2014,
When I started in the volkswagen world, I met vag-com as a tool to solve the secret plot to which VW has subjected us.
I would love to someday have the knowledge that you have about you, I hope with time and reading them in the forum to learn.

I take the opportunity to ask you a question, I have a MIB STD2 PQ + NAV unit, which has active component protection, can I someday unlock it and get it to work in my Vehicle? Since a guy told me that he is using VCDS in my country, it is impossible to install this equipment in my vehicle because it has a red or orange dashboard.
is this real ?
I replied that it was electronic, that some solution has to have!
I still don't have the vag-com since it is very expensive in my country, an original vag-com equipment costs about three monthly salaries.

Thank you very much for accepting me in the forum and hopefully someone can help me with my madness to modify my vehicle.