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Thread: 2001.5 Audi S4 Limpmode with no CEL

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    Intermittent OXS sensor heater or short and causing limp mode while no code due to tune with deletes or faulty sporadic N75 or diverter valves not sealing, maybe faulty ECU?

    Did you isolate components & perform manual test of WG and bypass vales for mechanical function? .........JPPSG
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    The problem you're describing was a common symptom of a failing TBB on the y-pipe. Cheap fix to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dafrazi View Post
    The problem you're describing was a common symptom of a failing TBB on the y-pipe. Cheap fix to try.
    Absolutely the Throttle body boot on these can be a real pain in the butt. Either with a tear in it, or coming off the TB or the plastic intercooler pipes popping out. Especially if you've installed a silicone one thats become oil soaked, along with wider clamps that usually push the pipes out some when tightened, and when boosted, along with being oily, the "POP" happens when you boost. This comes back to did you have it smoked tested with a legitimate machine, or at least a shop do it to have a for sure answer.

    Very good point, but id add with that, you would have a very distinct hissing noise, close to no boost pressure and or eventually a cel. However maybe the map sensor attached to it could be oil soaked giving incorrect readings. But you said you've changed, maf, map, front 02's.

    Maybe im reading it wrong or dont understand the abbreviation's in your parts replaced list. When the turbos were replaced, were new Turbo oil feed lines installed? either oem or SS braided lines? Everyone with a 2.7 knows the oil feed lines are the #1 cause of turbo failure and boost spikes since they slug up. Maybe i missed the post about it but better safe than sorry

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