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Thread: 1Z TDi Timing

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    1Z TDi Timing

    I've been asked to check timing on an OLD 1Z 1995 A80.
    Is the TDi timing checker built into VCDS now or do I have to go and find/install the plugin?

    Many thanks.

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    Yes, the TDI timing checker is included with VCDS.
    Setting Injection Timing:
    The current Release of VCDS contains the TDI Timing Checker. See this page for more information.
    This procedure does NOT apply to the PD engines!

    • Engine has to be warm (coolant above 85șC)
    • Go to Engine Measuring Block 000 (Group 004 for V6 TDI)
    • Switch to Basic Settings
    • Take note of the values in fields 2 (timing) and 9 (fuel temp)
    • Report in the following graph
    • Specification is within the shaded area between the blue and red lines
    • To slightly advance timing, you need to be in the upper portion of the shaded area.
    • Setting is done mechanically, slightly rotating the pump shaft once its three screws have been loosened.
    • It is strongly discouraged to set your timing outside of the specification!

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