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Thread: 2005 Audi A3 MFSW retrofit problem

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    2005 Audi A3 MFSW retrofit problem

    Hi, i'm trying do retrofit multifunction steering wheel, well multifunction airbag to be precise (old type, 4-spoke, used on 8L also) on to my Audi a3 8p. I bought steering wheel module 61340390, airbag wiring 8P0 971 589G, my steering column module is 8P0 953 549 B. I get the following fault codes:

    Removed.  Data from a clone/pirated copy of VCDS is not welcome here.
    I checked power, ground and lin with my multimeter and everything appears to be correct. Can You please help me?
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    We'll need to see a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan to be able to help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amper View Post
    Can You please help me?
    Getting help in this forum requires the use of a legitimate VCDS system.

    They are available directly from us:

    ... Or from any of our authorized resellers:

    Let us know if/when you get one and we'll adjust your forum status.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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