HI ive an audi a6 c7 2014 3.0tdi quattro cud engine 74000miles i took out an all component extended audi warranty about 8 months ago car has upto date sevice from audi including gearbox last sevice was done around 3000miles ago. The car has now developed the chain rattle on startup for split second intermittedley, done some research and seems common on this engine, engine out to change chain guides £3/4k for repair. ive booked it in at audi for a diagnose but i have a feeling they are not going to honour the repair after talking to one of their booking agent who never heard of this problem may be he is not the tech..
can anyone help with any tsb or bulletins links for this repair under warranty, so i have a bit of ground to argue my case. i read that in america another type of engine with same fault was taken to court and all was reimbursed and was made mandatory under warranty..
thanks raf