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Thread: Kessy auto lock when the driver gets out from the car.

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    Depends on the range of the value... 1000ms = 1 second So give it a try and put 2000 as new value!
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    Enabling Automatic Door Locking (Door Slam Locking)

    I successfully coded Automatic Door Locking and Menu option in the Infotainment system. I like this tweak because locking is now effortless; however, there is a downside I haven't been able to fix. When active, the lock activation is instantaneous on closing the driver's door - my wife can't get to the rear door (passenger side) quick enough to access the back seat area.

    Adaptations applied:

    > 05 Acc/Start Auth > channel ENG129020-ENG126975-internal_passive_entry_exit_byte1-passive_exit_door_slam_lock > "activated"
    > 09 Cent. Elect. > channel ENG141654-ENG116634-ZV Autolock-Menuesteuerung ZV Autolock-Unlock > "adjustable"

    I've tried a couple of adaptations to adjust (or delay) the auto lock activation time without success. First, I changed the Settime Trigger from 500 ms (default) to 5000 ms - no affect. Then, I also changed the Minimum Activity Time Locking Sensor from 140 ms (default) to 2440 ms (maximum) - also no affect:

    > 05 Acc/Start Auth > ENG108167-Passive Entry Exit: minimum activity time locking sensor > "2440 ms"
    > 05 Acc/Start Auth > ENG126962-settime_trigger_exit_vehicle > "5000 ms"

    There are some other lines in the Acc/Start Auth module I might try, but they don't look promising; but after all, I was just shooting in dark from the start anyway...any help would be most appreciated.

    > 05 Acc/Start Auth > ENG129023-ENG99711-internal_keyminder_byte2-Re-open last handling > not activated (default)
    > 05 Acc/Start Auth > ENG129015-Passive Entry Exit: control by pulling the door handle during active DSL_timeout > 2.00 s (default)
    > 05 Acc/Start Auth > ENG129014-Timeout_trigger_terminal_deactivation_central_lock ing > 1.00 s (default)


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