Hi all, have a 2011 Tiguan (manual gearbox) it needs an upgrade of the SWCM to allow retrofit of a Multi Function Steering Wheel. Using the Ross-Tech list I see that 5K0-953-569-C is a Midline controller, supporting MFD, ACC, but not MFSW. I know I need a highline SWCM however on the Ross-Tech table for the column "Steering Angle Sensor" 5K0-953-569-C shows as "TBD" so I don't know if I should be choosing one that has a "Yes" or a "No" from the Steering Angle sensor column. Anyone upgraded this specific SWCM successfully and which SWCM did you use to replace it? Apologies in advance, I don't have access to a VCDS scan of this vehicle as it's in a different city to me.