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Thread: Help please BCM upgrade, indicators and windows not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vastechnics View Post
    Hello Timmy. I see you upgrade to max BCM. You need to run wires to make everything work ok. You need to make new wires for Instrument and also Supply for bcm.

    For instrument to need 2 new canbus wires. If im right from instrument 28 (canhigh) and 29 (canlow) ———> connector b 54 (canhigh) and 57 (canlow)

    For supply need run 2 wires from a63 and b68 to steady plus. Try do this an report.
    Thanks vastechnics, can you confirm the canbus pinouts as I saw one document reference pins 27 & 28, if I'm adding canbus wires would I need to code anything extra for them? also looking at some other documentation, a63 and b68 are showing as being inputs for the headlights?!?!
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