Hi everyone! Gonna need little help please.

My car is Audi A6 avant 2012 3.0tdi quattro
Media Version : HN+R_EU_AU_P0485
Nav. database version : 8R0060884N ECE 5.12.5

Tried to update my firmware to the newer one K0900 and there was some prompted errors... First i tryed retry update few times, then i pressed skip this file and it did go forward a while, and then again error came... Next there was only option retry or cancel update and i tried to retry few times and then i cancelled update becaus nothing worked... So what i can do?? i have 32gb sdhc card fat32 formatted.. Is there anything what i can do myself?

Now when i try to start this update again and try to solve this problem, i put sdcard to slot 1 and start car.. This is all what happens... First green screen, its erasing something at start and succesfully do that, then system start to program something and after few minutes come Flash CRC error with RED screen and immediatly after that METAINFO CRC error with red screen and then 60seconds black screen and system goes black... so what i can do, can anyone help me? i can get fault codes tomorrow evening after work if that helps..

I have photos also but dont know how to add those to here... :/