so recently i have tried to program a new cluster in my car. i have the SKC for the cluster. i have replaced the immo chips in all of my keys. when i enter the skc in the login it does not give any alarm. i have checked the measure blocks 22 and 23 to make sure all keys show "new". when i try to enter the number of keys i want to program it comes right away with error in the box after i change the number. i have 6 keys total (4 switch blade and 2 valet) all 6 new chips. also when i try to adapt the fobs (cause only one i have is correct) i enter 4 as the number of remotes to program it changes it to a 2 and then the save button becomes available but wont take the new key when i hold the unlock for 2 seconds. and i still only have the one working remote. not sure if its something i am doing or not doing. i also have VagTacho and confirmed the skc i have the cluster is correct. any help is much appreciated. i have not tested on any other cars as i dont want to have some issues. i am using a pro registered hex-net and current upto date software. my buddy wants me to do his keys but cant safely till i figure mine out. i have scans from the car so vcds is working and talking with everything including the cluster.