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    Hi Don. The issue started by try to code in the the footwell lights. I have reversed what I did initially and the chap who looked at it has then got me back to where I started, with just the original lights working. Now I would like to try and get the footwell lights working.
    Hope this makes sense.

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    Don, just to add I followed a guide for a Skoda that I was told would be ok for my golf. I have looked for a guide for the golf and can't see one. In hindsight I should have asked on here first but you live and learn.

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    Neil: OK - I'm not sure that I can help, but further facts about your retrofit (I assume that this was a retrofit) might illicit more suggestions from others here.

    First, can you confirm that the footwell lighting kit that you purchased included a wire that you connected to pin#72, socket C on the BCM?

    Also, and as I understand, stuff changed on BCM s post about MY16: on previous control modules, the software switch for the footwell lights was Byte 17, Bit 3 (this was enabled on your previous auto-scan) - and there is also a second software switch on Byte 5, Bit 7 but on many auto-scans that I've seen (like my early model mk7 which had factory footwell lights) this is not set. On the newer BCM s the software switch was "adaptation-ised" in the channel IDE09732-ENG114629-Interior light: light configuration-Foot well lighting - this happened regardless of whether the BCM has a zero-code string, or not.

    And finally - irrespective of BCM type, the Leuchte-set for pin72C on the BCM (which of course was deactivated at the factory) needs to be enabled like this - assuming that the retrofitted lamps are LED type):

    ENG116966-ENG116452-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimming Direction CD 30	maximize 
    ENG116966-ENG116456-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimming Direction EF 30	maximize 
    ENG116966-ENG116460-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimming Direction GH 30	maximize 
    ENG116966-ENG116447-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert AB 30	100
    ENG116966-ENG116451-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert CD 30	0
    ENG116966-ENG116455-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert EF 30	0
    ENG116966-ENG116459-Leuchte30FR LC72-Dimmwert GH 30	0
    ENG116966-ENG116444-Leuchte30FR LC72-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 30	2
    ENG116966-ENG116582-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lampendefektbitposition 30	0
    ENG116966-ENG116442-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lasttyp 30	46 - LED Kleinleistung 
    ENG116966-ENG116448-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtansteuerung HD AB 30	Always 
    ENG116966-ENG116445-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion A 30	Footwell light 
    ENG116966-ENG116446-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion B 30	not active 
    ENG116966-ENG116449-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion C 30	not active 
    ENG116966-ENG116450-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion D 30	not active 
    ENG116966-ENG116453-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion E 30	not active 
    ENG116966-ENG116454-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion F 30	not active 
    ENG116966-ENG116457-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion G 30	not active 
    ENG116966-ENG116458-Leuchte30FR LC72-Lichtfunktion H 30	not active
    So, perhaps if you clear the current DTC s from your car - and re-post a new unedited auto-scan so we can see what changes were made by "the chap who looked at it" and also post an adaptation map of the BCM.

    VW Golf MkVII (MY13) - A3 8V hatch (MY17)

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