Hi folks,

Old VAG-COM user, new VCDS user here ... but VCDS/HEX-V2 is not working as intended.

I have a MY18 VW Passat 140TDI Alltrack and the latest HEX-V2 interface with VCDS 19.6.1. I'm running VCDS on a Windows 10 laptop (HP) from a standard USB port.

I've successfully completed a firmware update (which was required as soon as I first connected - this was two days ago - everything is as up to date as it could possibly be) so there don't appear to be any issues talking to the HEX-V2 interface from the laptop/VCDS. But, I can't seem to talk to the car.

When I perform the Options > Test operation, I get "Interface: Found!" alright, but I also get "Status: Questionable" with no power for K1/K2, CAN stuck in testing and no battery voltage(s).

The LEDs stay blue in colour when trying to communicate with the car (but they did flash green and briefly yellow during the firmware update).

I noticed that the plug is very hard to insert into the diagnostic port, and very easy to knock out ... On my old Audi with a third-party interface (and old VAG-COM 409.1-S software) I don't recall ever having a problem "plugging in" although the fit was never perfect. Could it be as simple as the new HEX-V2 plug not fitting well enough to make good pin connection? I'm pushing the thing in as hard as I dare.

See attached screenshots for supporting information.

So, where to from here? Any advice will be appreciated.