Good afternoon

I am trying to do a diagnosis on my variable valve timing and cam chain tensioner function on my 4.2 A6 and it seems like when I go to engine - measuring blocks - 093 091 and 092 for cam phase position checks and cam advance data I am getting different labels and units displayed for each measuring block. I have included a screenshot of what I see and then another screen shot of what I expect to see. For example I have "idle stabilisation" label in place of "phase position bank 1" etc

Am I reading from the correct measuring blocks? Am I in the correct location - engine 1 - to read this measuring block?

Help appreciated

Actually I cant post a screenshot as I have no idea how to add an image here on this forum platform!! Any tips on that appreciated

If I click on insert image it asks for a url and the image I have is on my local pc desktop not at a url or whatever that is!