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Thread: Volkswagen/Audi "Standardized" Measuring Block Groups for Gasoline Engines

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    Volkswagen/Audi "Standardized" Measuring Block Groups for Gasoline Engines

    A hidden gem of info on our web site for measuring block data on gas engines from 2000-ish to 2010-ish.

    This info only applies to non-UDS control modules.

    This is also a good time to point out, VCDS only sends a request and shows the response. Different control modules are engineered/designed differently so you can come across variations of data. The listing there will have different versions of info for a given group number. Example:

    There are 3 variations of group 090, and then 2 variations of groups 091, 092, 093, 094, 095 and 096. Which version your car might have depends on how the Germans designed that specific control module... VCDS just sends a request to view data in group XXX and shows you the response.
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