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Don't know what you do or how you do things... Using a non genuine version of Windows isn't that smart either

Try by selecting the item you want to change from the pull-down menu instead of changing channel-number(s)...
Ok...there!! i've fixed the non geuine windows that had nothing to do with the issue AT ALL so the genuine windows comment was basically your own irrelevant personal opinion.

and it's not a matter of me successfully accessing adaptation channel options with one adapter then forgetting how to do the exact same thing a few seconds later with the other adapter.

!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS MY ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!

hello everybody!

my friends older, cheaper AI adapter can access and make more changes than my newer, more expensive HEX-V2 adapter is able to do! WHY??!?!?!

i spoke to the swedish www.VCDS.se and told them, and they told me that the HEX should be better and access and change more S*IT than the AI adapter but it DON'T!

07-03-2019, 08:59 PM Uwe told me
Unfortunately it's s 4th of July week both guys who need to look at this are on vacation.
then never answered me again!

THATS my issue!!!

don't get sidetracked with personal opinions about my desktop background, the font i use when i'm typing, the batterylevel on my computer right now or some other irrelevant f*cking things!

it's simple!.. if YOU don't know, im not asking YOU!
i'm asking if SOMEBODY knows?!?! if someone actually knows, THATS the one person i'm asking..

thank you.