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    UDS Vs non-UDS

    To keep things super simple for this post... there are two types of control modules in our vehicles, UDS and non-UDS (legacy). UDS type modules were introduced around 2009 with some instrument clusters. As time went on, other modules went to the UDS protocol. With the 2015 Golf, all modules in it are UDS type.

    To identify if the module you are working with is UDS, on the Open Control screen, look at the Protocol which is in the upper left section. If the module is a UDS, then it will list UDS. If the module is a non-UDS (legacy) type module, then whatever protocol said module listed will be shown.

    With UDS modules, to view data, perform Basic Settings or Adaptations, you have to pick from a list. Notice that even [Meas. Blocks - 08] is no longer an option for UDS modules. This isn't because we, Ross-Tech, though that would be fun, but rather, this is what the Germans have done.
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