Hi all,

I have a RS3 2018 with a technology package.

On the run of 20,500 km an ACC error suddenly appeared. Pre-sense and braking guard not available also.

10,000 km ago was replaced ACC compatible intercooler from FORGE. After replacing it, there has never been an ACC error for the next 10,000 km.

Visited my dealer yesterday hoping to resolve this issue under warranty. But my fears were justified, they could not do anything, referring to the fact that I have a modified intercooler. So they denied me repairing this fault.

Analyzing the forums, I found this solution - reset misalignment angle in VSDC Module 13 (auto dist. Reg)-->Basic settings -->IDE02163-ENG114972-Reset misalignment angle. This procedure will cause the sensor to start learning again.

After connecting VCDS, I was very surprised, because this line in the drop-down menu was not.

I do not believe that the ACC sensor suddenly shifted dramatically, I did not have accidents, strikes, paint work, replacing the grille or removing the bumper. What is most strange, after replacing the intercooler, I also did not experience problems with this error for a long time.

Are there any guesses about this issue?