I have just purchased a VW crafter 2008 2.5 TDI CR with 72k miles.

I am about to purchase VCDS to hopefully allow us to perform an 'adaptation of carbon mass (after DPF replacement)' - I think that is what is required, after having removed the DPF and cleaning it with Wynns 'Off Car DPF Cleaner'.

Is anyone familiar with this vehicle - and could help me run this routine - as I am unfamiliar with VCDS, I believe 'Security Access' may need to be gained to do this.

I have contacted Ross Tech direct - but tell me they are unfamiliar with this vehicle and to try here.

No engine warning lights are currently lit.

I will also change oil and filters - and believe other 'registers' will need resetting.

The previous owner had problems with DPF clogging due to city driving - and we believe not allowing regens to complete, and/or taking the van for the required motorway run, this is just a suspicion.
As a precaution I have also removed the EGR, cooler and inlet manifold and decoked them.