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Thread: Weather forecast and condition at Your place

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    We have an incredibly nice time in October, which lasts. A true Indian summer. Link.

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    We have a saying: if you want to know the weather forcast - just look out of the window...

    One thing that makes me think, what with Greta visiting the US and our recent Extinction Rebellion protests; is about CO2 and its properties as a 'greenhouse gas'. It's obvious that oxidising any carbon based fuel will produce CO2, however, way back when, there must have been MASSIVE amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, for the trees and shrubs to absorb and photosynthesise. Then the trees and shrubs died, to be fossilised into coal and oil that we're burning now.

    So I get it that young Earth may have been a lot warmer than it is now. But if it was, sea levels would have been dramatically higher too. (No or little polar ice caps before the Ice Age and thermal expansion of the ocean.) But we have (or had ) vast coal, oil and gas reserves under the North Sea - and being fossil fuels they had to be growing trees and shrubs, or at least swampy lands, in what we now have as the sea? Even plate tectonics does't really explain that. Hmm, should have paid more attention in Geography at school

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