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Thread: New to a "classic" OEM diagnosis interface for VAG.

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    New to a "classic" OEM diagnosis interface for VAG.

    Hi everybody, I'm JJ, new to this forum but user of Ross Tech Hex+Can VCI and VCDS for almost 7 years now, and during this time have considered VCDS the most cost effective OEM reliable diagnostic tool available.
    I use quite a few multi makes tools for general diagnosis but on VAG group vehicles have always relied on VCDS for Dealer Level Diagnostics.
    Lately with the most modern cars and technology, I'm feeling uncomfortable and concerned about the future of VCDS platform with the introduction of online platform to most key features of diagnostic procedures on VAG group, and limited ou unspecified diagnostics ou coding or adaptation procedures or capabilities to most modern modules on newer cars.
    This is one of the reasons actually brings me here to this forum, maybe I am actually getting outdated on VCDS for not being inside of it's full capabilities or maybe VCDS is loosing ground and getting outdated on OEM procedures over new techniques, online OEM features... etc.
    It looks like VCDS is becoming reliable on "classic" or older cars before 2008 and limited on newer systems.
    I might be wrong, but that's how im seeing VCDS now, and have not been like that before.

    So please leave your opinion and hope i can contribute in someway to this forum and learn from it also.

    Please any comment, forum procedures or rules i should know or be aware of are wellcome.



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    What version of VCDS are you using, and which cable/hardware interface?

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    The limitations on newer cars, especially 2019 models, are caused by VAG introducing more complex CAN messages that the hardware in Ross-Tech cables that were designed 10+ years ago cannot fully handle.

    Given the usual redundancy period in technology hardware is only 2-5 years I reckon Ross-Tech made some pretty good decisions to make their cables fully functional for over 10 years.

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