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Thread: VW Passat CC (358) 2012 Facelift HighBeam Issue

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    VW Passat CC (358) 2012 Facelift HighBeam Issue

    Hi Folks,

    I really need your help to solve my high beam issue on my VW Passat CC 2012 Facelift. (358) 2.0 L 147kw

    The story is the following: I have bought used VW Passat CC some months ago and I realized after couple of days the high beam does not work. Also I figured out later on, the car was imported from USA to Europe, so headlights and front bump were changed (and who knows what else ).

    As I was not really familiar with the Bi-Xenon headlights I have started to gather information on the internet, what could be a problem, also I went to the VW service to check the problem with them.
    The VW service said the main problem is that, the currently installed headlights are not fit to my car, however all the functions like static and dynamic cornering light, DRL were working just perfect, but high beam.
    The service offered to change both headlights and modules for horrible amount of money, so I have passed it, and I decided to solve it on my own.

    I read tons of forums, and I tried lots of coding and wiring, including checking ELSA diagrams and so on, but no luck still no high beam.

    Currently the following headlights are installed in my car:



    According the VW service the following headlights are fit into my car


    If you google to that OEM numbers and have a look them, all of them look the same.

    So what I figured out, in the normal case when you trigger the high beam the BCM sends a 12V to the Pin11 and should add power and fire the shutter solenoid. The problem is, there is no pin against the PIN 11 on the headlights socket, actually empty. See below

    Also I have figured out the current headlights have no solenoid either, but stepper motor which moves the shutter and that motor is connected to the AFS slave module which is on the headlight body.

    Here is the part number of the Bi-Xenon eye what is in the current headlights.

    And looks like this

    And uses this type of motor.

    Here is my Autoscan code which shows the available modules and codings.

    Removed.   Data from a clone/pirate copy of VCDS is not welcome here.
    I could not force the module 09 BCM or AFS to trigger the shutter motor even I have changed the magic Byte 18 or any other Bi-Xenon related setting on the BCM. The byte18 is actually on Hex4 which is a "VW360 GTI Halogen "VW360 RdW TFL_0_LED + LED_SBBR" ROM 4 VW360 GTI halogen "VW360 RdW TFL_0_LED + LED_SBBR" ROM 4" according the Bytes 18 table.

    As I believe rather than the BCM would send a 12V to the Pin11, it should sends a PWM signal to AFS module to trigger the shutter motor through the AFS slaves, but I could not accomplish that.

    I was think if I may install the High Beam Assistan mirror, then maybe that one would fires the shutter.

    Is it either possible to control the shutter motor with my current modules or is there any settings what I miss?

    So if anybody has any suggestion I would really appreciate it, as I am trying to solve that problem since nearly five months.

    Thanks in advance!
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