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Thread: DMF issues???

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    Dual mass flywheel issues

    I think I may have a failing DMF.
    This is my first car with a DMF so the signs are new to me.
    The car is a 2010
    Scirroco 2.0tdi manual with 154000 miles.
    We have had this car since 12000 miles.
    The symptoms so far are

    1. When at idle the car suffers from vibration.

    2. When i accelerate from start there is a vibration (feels more like a secondary vibration). This disappears when steady driving. Also happens if i accelerate from any speed, i.e from 60mph to 70mph

    3. While car is out of gear and at idle, if I push the clutch in there is a rattle when the pedal is half way down (I presume the dmf). There is no rattle when the pedal is fully depressed. It only does this at the half way point as i am either pushing it in or letting it out.

    Do these symptoms sound familiar to a failed dmf?


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    Hi there... I had a very similar experience in my 1999 NB 1.9L (ALH) TDI manual.

    There was a distinctive rattle at idle and then the noise would disappear too when the clutch was depressed.

    The vehicle had about 98,000 miles on it and was just under warranty.. I was a Volkswagen dealer technician, so I did the work.

    When I pulled it apart, I noticed the rubber in the dual mass had basically disintegrated. So if you can, you maybe able to see evidence of this disintegrated rubber in the clutch area.

    Hope this helps,


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