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Thread: Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyoung8607 View Post
    Wish I'd known you were going. Did you sign up for the good tour? If you send your Phaeton VIN to the right folks (and I would have rented you mine for a day for a beer ) you get an individual owner's behind-the-glass tour, or at least you used to. I should imagine they'd do the same for one of your Bentley VINs though since they were also produced there.

    - Hi, well my brother in-law lives in Berlin, so I may go again and will let you guys know. I did take the 6€ tour, we walked the factory floor, saw the last Phaeton that was built there, on display with all the signatures. We did not have time to eat at the restaurant there, they were going to have an event, so we had to leave soon.

    A little video I made of the Volkswagen ID with a phone camera ...


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    What an abomination
    But my, is that a VW Polo in the background??? Used to have one MY76 or something, 900cm3 engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyoung8607 View Post
    ...I should imagine they'd do the same for one of your Bentley VINs though since they were also produced there.
    The Bentley vehicles produced in Dresden were all destined for delivery to either Europe or Asia. The factory in Crewe, United Kingdom, produced Bentleys destined for North America, in order to preserve the belief that a Bentley was a British vehicle.

    This worked out well in the end: The Americans could keep up their belief that they were buying British cars, and the Europeans were more confident about buying a Bentley (the Flying Spur) because it was produced in Germany and not in the UK.


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    necrothread alert!

    Quote Originally Posted by Uwe View Post
    Opinion piece in the NYT by Bill Hanvey, President and CEO of the Auto Care Association:
    Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight

    Personally, I think he's exaggerating a bit. How exactly is the car supposed to know when the driver has gained weight? It may be able to measure the front-seat passenger's weight using the Passenger Occupancy Detection sensor, but last I looked, driver's seats didn't have such sensors because the car assumes that a driver is always present. OK, it could base this the total mass of the car, which it could calculate from acceleration vs. power applied, but then how would it differentiate between a weight gain/loss and some change in the amount of crap stored in the trunk?
    Interesting bit of data I ran across recently... dynamically-calculated total vehicle mass is a real thing.

    As for individual passenger mass, I think you're right. Absent sensors in the seats, and there's no reason other than for the front passenger, it's uninformed clickbait. You could make some extremely rough inferences if you had suspension level sensors, or tried to model the moment of inertia about center of mass / yaw rate during turns as-compared to actual steering angle, but I think noise would exceed signal...

    Silence gives consent.

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