Hello All,

I have a Fabia 2010 HTP 1.2 Petrol, manual transmission with ABS.

Recently i discovered about Ross Tech products and want to try my hand on changing of some of the features.

I opened the bonnet and found out the part number of the ABS unit, it is 6R0 907 379 J

From a search on Google i came to know that it's a BOSCH ABS 8.0 Unit

I am interested to know whether this part number has the Auto Hill Hold functionality which would have been disabled when the car was sold. And if so whether it can be enabled now using VCDS software.

If it can be enabled, then I would surely like to buy Ross Tech cable along with software (any basic version which can accomplish this)

Can anyone please confirm me if this ABS unit part # (6R0 907 379 J) support the Auto Hill Hold, and if it can be enabled from VCDS software (and how?)

Please do let me know if any more information needed to determine this.

Thanks in anticipation

Nilesh S.