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Thread: Passat B8 early 2015, Retrofitting A5 front camera + DLA + Lane assist- Finished

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    The next Audi will come with fresh new generation radar

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    So with the help of rhinopower we have cracked the missing part of my Lane assist, I was not happy that when I let go of the steering wheel the car will assist as it should between the road markings of the lane but after 20 secondes would warn me to take control again and then just turn off.
    Now after the following coding additions, I have the functions that if I ignore the warnings it will continue to hold the lanes (not turn off) and after 2 warnings it will beep loader and 5 seconds later will apply the brakes sharply for a split second if I still continue to ignore it will beep and display emergency assist in Red at this point I have not gone any further ;-)

    Also, we retrofitted Side Assist in addition and after this, I now have the vibrating of the steering wheel when a car is in my blind spot and I make a move towards the car or towards the lane markings, Lane assist then kicks in and counter turns the steering wheel away from the markings while vibrating.

    Here is the additional coding I used for Lane assist-

    03 - ABS
    Byte 29 Bit 5 - Active
    13 - ACC
    Byte 3, Bit 6 - Active (Front_Camera installed)
    Byte 4 Bit 2 - Emergency Assist installed
    A5 - Front camera
    Byte 14, Bit 0 - Active (Radar Interface installed)
    Byte 16 Bit 2-3 - EA_Variant2 (variant 1 for manual?)
    09 - BCM
    Sec access: 31347
    Außenlicht_Blinker-Warnblinken_durch_Fahrerassistenz - Active

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