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Thread: Passat B8 early 2015, Retrofitting A5 front camera + DLA + Lane assist- Finished

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    Passat B8 early 2015, Retrofitting A5 front camera + DLA + Lane assist- Finished

    The car is factory equipped with front assist (no ACC), led HIGH, park assist etc.. etc.

    Retrofitted A5 camera is calibrated at dealer and seems to be satisfied, though I can only see some 40km of dynamic calibration there - does this trigger when you actually start to use lane assist and the camera is learning/reading the markings? It's reading and showing speed signs very accurately - so actually one more retrofit, which is already done and working!

    The DLA:
    Is working except for the that the "MDF" - position of the cylindrical mask won't roll up when the camera starts adjusting the lights, thus I can't drive with DLA active yet because it's dazzling other road users.

    I tried to PM golfi_vend since he seems to know a trick to these early 2015 B8's and I'm looking for confirmation to it, the trick being activating different parameter set for the module 55, via VCP or ODIS. I would like to know if you can do this with the latter, because I have access to it. Too bad I didn't remember/thought about this earlier when the camera was being calibrated and I could toy around with the "other" tool.

    Maybe with this thread I can lure him or someone else out to confirm this. Here is a photo of the magic. In later models I believe everything can be done by vcds coding & adaptations to activate the DLA function properly.

    Here is proof that all the bells and whistles are in there, every "LED HIGH" unit has them.

    Main beam mask active
    No dazzle
    Mask active

    And menu items.
    DLA active

    I put some more photos about the project later.

    Lane assist:
    I still have issues with lane assist, I've been able to make the codings/adaptations so that lane assist appears in MFD, but says "not available" when trying to activate. It also shows up in the infotainment car menu; "adaptive lane assist" or something, but it is greyed out. Not sure what I have missed out here, also there is side assist and rear traffic monitor (?) or something selectable in the car menu now, which is strange since I don't remember coding anything associated to those.

    So, I hope the DLA issue gets solved next week or if someone here has any ideas?

    Here is my autoscan of the current situation and feel free to request admaps of any modules and I shall post them here.

    Thanks for any contribution in advance!

    VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64
    VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4436.4
    Data version: 20190114 DS296.0
    VIN: WVWZZZ3CZFE439463   License Plate: 
    Mileage: 228152km-141767mi   Repair Order: 
    Chassis Type: 3C-VW48 (5Q0)
    Scan: 01 03 05 08 09 10 13 15 16 17 18 19 2B 42 44 52 55 5F A5
    VIN: WVWZZZ3CZFE439463   Mileage: 228152km-141767miles
    01-Engine -- Status: OK 0000
    03-ABS Brakes -- Status: OK 0000
    05-Acc/Start Auth. -- Status: OK 0000
    08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000
    09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
    10-Park/Steer Assist -- Status: OK 0000
    13-Auto Dist. Reg -- Status: OK 0000
    15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
    16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
    17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
    18-Aux. Heat -- Status: OK 0000
    19-CAN Gateway -- Status: OK 0000
    2B-Steer. Col. Lock -- Status: OK 0000
    42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: OK 0000
    44-Steering Assist -- Status: OK 0000
    52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
    55-Headlight Range -- Status: OK 0000
    5F-Information Electr. -- Status: OK 0000
    A5-Frt Sens. Drv. Assist -- Status: OK 0000
    Address 01: Engine (J623-DCXA)       Labels:. 04L-907-309-V1.clb
       Part No SW: 04L 906 026 GJ    HW: 04L 907 309 R
       Component: R4 1.6l TDI   H21 1991  
       Revision: B5H21---    
       Coding: 0119003A03241D093000
       Shop #: WSC 41930 002 1048576
       ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM16TDI01104L906026GJ 002002
       ROD: EV_ECM16TDI01104L906026GJ.rod
       VCID: 78A9EAB672545367A6D-802C
    No fault code found.
    Readiness: 0 0 0 0 0 
    Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104)       Labels: 5Q0-907-379-IPB-V1.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 907 379 AF    HW: 3Q0 907 379 F
       Component: ESC           H42 0625  
       Revision: 00000000    Serial number: 63464000002522
       Coding: 0FEC6A8F34230B75077B060641C649F0562CD0E0608292F13040F078C002
       Shop #: WSC 131071 1023 2097151
       ASAM Dataset: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB 034036
       ROD: EV_Brake1UDSContiMK100IPB_034_VW37.rod
       VCID: 7EA5FCAE50706D57EC1-802A
    No fault code found.
    Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. (J518)       Labels:| 5Q0-959-435.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 959 435     HW: 3Q0 959 435 
       Component: VWKESSYMQB    023 0522  
       Revision: 00023000    Serial number: 0356001440
       Coding: 000F1E0603
       Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00309
       ASAM Dataset: EV_KessyHellaMQBAB 004027
       ROD: EV_KessyHellaMQBAB_VW48.rod
       VCID: 77ABE98A7F4A5C1FAF7-8022
       Sensor Controlled Power Rear Lid: 
    No fault code found.
    Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255)       Labels:| 5G0-907-044.clb
       Part No SW: 5G0 907 044 AK    HW: 5G0 907 044 AK
       Component: Climatronic   H03 1001  
       Revision: 00001K10    
       Coding: 12020104204101012015504000101802
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_ACClimaBHBVW37X 004131
       ROD: EV_ACClimaBHBVW37X_004_VW37.rod
       VCID: 70B9D2961A240B276ED-8024
       Fresh Air Blower Front: 
       Refrigerant Pressure And Temperature Sender: 
       Air quality sensor: 
       Relative humidity sensor in fresh air intake duct: 
    No fault code found.
    Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519)       Labels:| 5Q0-937-08X-HV1.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 937 086 BD    HW: 5Q0 937 086 BD
       Component: BCM PQ37BOSCH 028 0146  
       Revision: --------    Serial number: 86581212141103
       Coding: 00010E46C24102FF4BE44004001C07081C80000000000000000000000000
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_BodyContrModul1UDSBosc 014004
       ROD: EV_BCMBOSCH_014.rod
       VCID: 7DA7FBA25D76764FF5B-8028
       Control Unit For Wiper Motor: 
       Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 3G1 955 119 A    HW: 3G1 955 119   Labels: 5QX-955-119-V1.CLB
       Component: WWS    141122  042 0607 
       Serial number:         141128155550
       Coding: 0E4DDD
       Rain Light Recognition Sensor: 
       Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 5Q0 955 547 A    HW: 5Q0 955 547 A  Labels: 5Q0-955-547.CLB
       Component: RLHS  037 0059 
       Serial number: S4Y14M12D18H09M48S35
       Coding: 05A8DD
       Light switch: 
       Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 3G0 941 633 H    HW: 3G0 941 633 H
       Component: E1 - LDS MQB  H01 0032 
       Serial number: 27 10 2014  00000508
       Relative Air Humidity Interior Sender: 
    No fault code found.
    Address 10: Park/Steer Assist (J791)       Labels:| 5Q0-919-298.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 919 298 C    HW: 5Q0 919 298 C
       Component: PLA 3.0 12KH08 0013  
       Serial number: ATW-00118.12.14
       Coding: 0051063041
       Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
       ASAM Dataset: EV_EPHVA2CAU3700000 008017
       ROD: EV_EPHVA2CAU3700000_008_VW48.rod
       VCID: 3FDB41AA17FAA45FA77-806A
    No fault code found.
    Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428)       Labels:| 3Q0-907-572.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 907 572 A    HW: 3Q0 907 572 A
       Component: ACC BOSCH MQB H04 0126  
       Coding: 2A21604310FFC428949C8044
       Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
       ASAM Dataset: EV_ACCBOSCHVW48X 001007
       ROD: EV_ACCBOSCHVW48X.rod
       VCID: 33331D9A2BB2703F53F-8066
    No fault code found.
    Address 15: Airbags (J234)       Labels:| 5Q0-959-655.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 959 655 AF    HW: 3Q0 959 655 AF
       Component: Airbag VW20   012 0195  
       Revision: --------    Serial number: 003R2PS7HWLX
       Coding: 88CCC000008000005C5400CC000800000065
       Shop #: WSC 05314 000 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_AirbaVW20TS6VW48X 001116
       ROD: EV_AirbaVW20TS6VW48X.rod
       VCID: 025D885E248809B7889-8056
       Side Sensor Driver Front: 
       Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 000 912 14
       Component: SideSensor_Df  008 0887 
       Serial number: 3576U0000005C1C03211
       Coding: 2D2D2D
       Side Sensor Passenger Front: 
       Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 000 912 14
       Component: SideSensor_Pf  008 0887 
       Serial number: 3586U000000A29D03216
       Coding: 2D2D2D
       Side Sensor Driver Rear: 
       Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 801 812 14
       Component: SideSensor_Dr  111 0148 
       Serial number: 3516RDB4965050000009
       Coding: 2D2D2D
       Side Sensor Passenger Rear: 
       Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 800 912 14
       Component: SideSensor_Pr  111 0148 
       Serial number: 3526R54AE67050000008
       Coding: 2D2D2D
       Front Sensor Driver: 
       Subsystem 5 - Part No SW: -----------    HW: 454 801 011 14
       Component: FrontSensor_D  114 0149 
       Serial number: 3556VC9D012050000006
       Coding: 2D2D2D
    No fault code found.
    Address 16: Steering wheel (J524)       Labels:| 5Q0-953-549.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 953 521 P    HW: 5Q0 953 569 A
       Component: Lenks.Modul   075 0175  
       Revision: FF032032    Serial number: 20141212400693
       Coding: 0400
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_SMLSVALEOMQB 001015
       VCID: 3D273BA21DF6B64FB5B-8068
    No fault code found.
    Address 17: Instruments (J285)       Labels:| 5G0-920-XXX-17.clb-SRI3
       Part No SW: 3G0 920 741     HW: 3G0 920 741 
       Component: KOMBI         209 4311  
       Coding: 03A509106B84000801883A021001000000000000
       Shop #: WSC 58575 001 104857
       ASAM Dataset: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB 009043
       ROD: EV_DashBoardVDDMQBAB_VW48.rod
       VCID: 619FA7D2C1CEB2AFF13-8034
    No fault code found.
    Address 18: Aux. Heat (J364)       Labels:| 5Q0-963-272.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 963 272 C    HW: 5Q0 963 272 C
       Component: STH-MQB       006 0069  
       Coding: 9309
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_AuxilParkiHeateWOS 002014
       ROD: EV_AuxilParkiHeateWOS.rod
       VCID: 3635248E38C06517741-8062
       Remote Control Auxiliary Heater: 
       Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q0 963 513     HW: 5Q0 963 513 
       Component: R149 T91-LIN  003 0301 
       Serial number: 00000000000001048974
    No fault code found.
    Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533)       Labels:| 5Q0-907-530-V1.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 907 530 AC    HW: 5Q0 907 530 M
       Component: GW MQB High   212 2203  
       Revision: --------    Serial number: 06121410800841
       Coding: 030300044F015900EF00024A080F00010001070000000000000000000000
       Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
       ASAM Dataset: EV_GatewConti 011020
       ROD: EV_GatewConti_011_VW48.rod
       VCID: 72BDD89E14283937989-8026
       Multi Function Steering Wheel Control Module: 
       Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 5G0 959 442 J    HW: 5G0 959 442 J  Labels: 3C8-959-537.CLB
       Component: E221__MFL-DC1  H16 0038 
       Serial number: 27140003054030124492
       Coding: 28FFFF
       Battery Monitoring Control Module: 
       Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 3Q0 915 181 A    HW: 3Q0 915 181 A
       Component: J367-BDMHella  H04 8050 
       Serial number: 5488785203          
       Analog clock: 
       Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: 3G0 919 204 C    HW: 3G0 919 204 C
       Component: Analoguhr  209 2002 
    No fault code found.
    Address 2B: Steer. Col. Lock (J764)       Labels:* 5Q0-905-861.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 905 861     HW: 3Q0 905 861 
       Component: ELV-MQBB      H05 0031  
       Serial number: 14000312745010
       Coding: 0000000000000000
       Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
       ASAM Dataset: EV_ELVMarquMQBB 001007
       ROD: EV_ELVMarquMQBB.rod
       VCID: 71BFD792112E022F613-8024
    No fault code found.
    Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386)       Labels:| 5QX-959-X93-42.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 959 593 D    HW: 5Q0 959 593 B
       Component: TSG FS        020 0028  
       Serial number: 061214BL601949
       Coding: 00350B208000020000001000
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_DCUDriveSideEWMAXKLO 006003
       ROD: EV_DCUDriveSideEWMAXCONT.rod
       VCID: 42DD485E6408C9B7C89-8016
       Drivers Door Rear Control Module: 
       Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q4 959 812 E    HW: 5Q4 959 812 E  Labels: 5QX-959-81X-V1.CLB
       Component: Fond FHSG DRV  007 0002 
       Serial number: 00000000000000564084
       Coding: 010000
    No fault code found.
    Address 44: Steering Assist (J500)       Labels:| 5Q0-909-143.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 909 143 K    HW: 5Q0 909 143 E
       Component: MQB_PP_APA    203 2033  
       Revision: 00000000    Serial number: 0000103862
       Coding: 01010011005000
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00315
       ASAM Dataset: EV_SteerAssisVWBSMQBA 008027
       ROD: EV_SteerAssisVWBSMQBA_008.rod
       VCID: 3B2335BA03E2B87F8BF-806E
    No fault code found.
    Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. (J387)       Labels:| 5QX-959-X92-52.clb
       Part No SW: 5Q0 959 592 D    HW: 5Q0 959 592 B
       Component: TSG BFS       020 0028  
       Serial number: 271114AKR02464
       Coding: 003501208C00020000001000
       Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00001
       ASAM Dataset: EV_DCUPasseSideEWMAXKLO 006003
       ROD: EV_DCUPasseSideEWMAXCONT.rod
       VCID: 41DF4752610ED2AFD13-8014
       Passengers Rear Door Control Module: 
       Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 5Q4 959 811 E    HW: 5Q4 959 811 E  Labels: 5QX-959-81X-V1.CLB
       Component: Fond FHSG PSG  007 0002 
       Serial number: 00000000000000598768
       Coding: 090000
    No fault code found.
    Address 55: Headlight Range (J745)       Labels:| 7P6-907-357.clb
       Part No SW: 7P6 907 357 C    HW: 7P6 907 357 B
       Component: AFS-ECU       H01 0110  
       Revision: --------    Serial number: --------------
       Coding: 039A00004F200200
       Shop #: WSC 24433 123 104857
       ASAM Dataset: EV_HeadlRegulAFSMQBMLB 001001
       ROD: EV_HeadlRegulAFSMQBMLB_VW48.rod
       VCID: 3FDB41AA17FAA45FA77-806A
       Led Headlamp Powermodule Left: 
       Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 7PP 941 572 A    HW: 7PP 941 572 A  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
       Component: LED LeiMo li.  H07 0001 
       Coding: E02400
       Led Headlamp Powermodule Right: 
       Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 7PP 941 572 A    HW: 7PP 941 572 A  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
       Component: LED LeiMo re.  H07 0001 
       Coding: E02400
       Left Headlamp Power Output Stage: 
       Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 3G0 941 329 _    HW: 3G0 941 329 _  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
       Component: LeiMo links  H02 0003 
       Coding: E02400
       Right Headlamp Power Output Stage: 
       Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: 3G0 941 329 _    HW: 3G0 941 329 _  Labels: 3D0-941-329.CLB
       Component: LeiMo rechts  H02 0003 
       Coding: E02400
    No fault code found.
    Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794)       Labels:* None
       Part No SW: 5G0 035 869     HW: 5G0 035 869 
       Component: MU-E--ER      820 6220  
       Serial number: 10101400011002
       Coding: 02840200FF00000041110001000000001F0004840000010000
       Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00083
       ASAM Dataset: EV_MUEnt4CGen2LGE 001017
       ROD: EV_MUEnt4CGen2LGE_VW12.rod
       VCID: 6B83C5FA3302E8FF5BF-803E
    No fault code found.
    Address A5: Frt Sens. Drv. Assist (R242)       Labels:| 3Q0-980-65X-A5.clb
       Part No SW: 3Q0 980 654 H    HW: 3Q0 980 654 A
       Component: MQB_B_MFK     H06 0271  
       Serial number: 08101612P11893
       Coding: 000408020000040100220044C040810090000E300040
       Shop #: WSC 48779 003 104857
       ASAM Dataset: EV_MFKBoschMQBB 001001
       ROD: EV_MFKBoschMQBB_001_VW36.rod
       VCID: 3C2136A606ECBF47825-8068
    No fault code found.
    End----(Elapsed Time: 01:54, VBatt start/end: 12.0V/12.0V. VIgn 12.0V)-----

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    Update: A5 camera is ok, I monitored it while driving the highway, dynamic cal is active and gaining more kilometers. It's detecting lane markings well etc.
    Quess I need to undo and redo some coding regarding lane assist.

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    Aight, an update. Unexpected one, since none of the coding guides seem to be spot on with these early models.

    Lane assist (adaptive) is working! And I must say I'm impressed, it keeps the car in the middle of the lane like nailed!
    Im going to post some detailed info later on.

    Lane Assist ready
    Lane Assist active

    Traffic sign recognition - nailed
    Adaptive lane assist - nailed
    Dynamic light assist - pending. (Coding ok, function ok but missing the masking feature.) Still waiting for clearance on this. Parameters can't be done via vcds. With VCP, do I need one of these ZDC-files or are the parameters already in the module, you just activate different parameter set? Refering to this screenshot taken from VCP.

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    You need to load the parameter set for DLA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kamold View Post
    You need to load the parameter set for DLA.
    Yes indeed, golfi_vend also confirmed this to me.

    There seems to be lot of misinformation in different forums regarding this, and probably quite some DLA retrofits that aren't properly functioning.
    So, do all the B8 models require the correct parameters set, or only the earlier models? If an 2018 arteon with 4b module instead of 55 requires it too, hmm.. makes me wonder.

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    Yes Arteon with 4B requires a parameter set also as far as I am aware. Agree that there is a lot of poor information out there which makes it very confusing for people.
    2011 Skoda Octavia vRS TDI DSG wagon|Revo Stage 1|Race Blue|Leather|Dynamic Xenons w 6000K|THA475 Amp+active sub|Whiteline ALK|RVC|Discover Media
    2009 R36 wagon|Biscay Blue|RVC|Tailgate|ECU and DSG tune|LED DRL/Indicators|Full colour MFD|Quad LED tail rings| Climatronics upgrade| Dynaudio retrofit | B7 RLine Flat Steering Wheel|3AA CCM|B7 Adaptive Cruise with Front Assist|TPMS Direct|Discover Media retrofit|PLA 2.0|Lane Assist|BCM Retrofit|HBA/FLA

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    On this post I will go through the physical part of the A5 camera retrofit.
    This retrofit was done with the more expensive way of replacing the windscreen to a dap one.
    It's the certain way to get precise camera position, 100% calibration success and trouble free dynamic cal phase after that.
    Vw workshop here charged around 100€ for the camera calibration which - when done properly - involves 4-wheel laser alignment of the calibration board with the car.

    Reasons for me to do it this way:

    - Old windshield was good to go anyway.

    - The car was a taxi in a former life, driven 200000km in rural area in just 3 years, so I got it for around couple of
    grands cheaper than the market price.

    - Passat B8 MY15 with 1.6 TDI and manual gearbox, with these DAP features is pretty damn rare here.

    Depending on the factory equipment of your car you get to have one or more of the following:

    Traffic Sign Recognition
    Lane Assist/Adaptive Lane Tracking
    (Lane Departure Warning) Not 100% sure about this since not interested on the particular feature.
    Dynamic Light Assist / High Beam Assist depending on your light setup.

    The car needs to have the CAN HIGH gateway with the Extended BUS, because that's the network that A5 camera, and the
    majority of the driver assist systems are combined on.

    If there's Front assist / ACC, there is CAN HIGH.
    If there's Led HIGH headlights, there is CAN HIGH, etc...

    If you get the camera + cable set from kufatec, they will provide you with detailed wiring instructions (which I will not provide in this guide) and great, really great customer support if problems occur in i.e., coding.
    The camera also comes with the correct parameters set according to your VIN.
    It is of course possible to scrape these details from other sources too.

    After physical installations you just add it to the gateway, check that the ONLY fault in A5 is "no basic setting", and get
    it calibrated. If there's any other faults active it will prevent calibration. So, no coding prior to the cal.

    Required parts:
    (DAP windshield for your car. "VW" tagged or pilkington.) OR, some DIY solution including some 3d-printed bracket for
    the camera etc. Official vw workshops/dealers might not want to get involved in these and there might be risk of the
    calibration not succeeding or failing later on, and/or some of the features not working as accurately as they're supposed to.
    Of course you can get official calibrations from other providers too.

    Camera 3Q0 980 654 - mine was labeled G and software is H.- from kufatec (my suggestion).

    Cables - from kufatec (my suggestion). What you need is +12v (ignition), ground, two pairs for can hi/lo and possibly one
    more separate cable with can hi/lo pair for sensor fusion (front assist acc <> camera). And then the additional wiring (+
    and ground) from camera to the heater/defog trim. And correct connectors and wire terminals.

    Defog/heater trim 3G0 862 505 - from dealer (marbledesk), surprisingly inexpensive.

    Plastic trimmings: 3G0 868 437, 3G0 858 634, 3G0 858 633 (color of these: "titan black") - from dealer.

    Reason for this detailed following guide is that at least most of the any existing guides are pretty cumbersome, those too that do include detailed wiring instructions, so perhaps I can save time of other individuals, possibly doing something as foolish as this. This should be a good addition to any other guides.

    Starting point:

    New windscreen installed, waiting for the camera:

    Before going further, I suggest to remove the interior lights / sunglasses holder. This might not be mandatory but gives
    you more room to play with the cables and attaching the camera.
    To do so:
    Pry off the plastic piece from the rear end first, then unscrew the 2 torxes.
    Then remove the panel where the lights are by prying from the edges. These come off pretty easily without breaking anything.
    Then remove the black plastic frame to gain access to 2 more torx screws above it, in the front.
    Then release the cables from the holders attached on top of the sunglasses holder and remove the holder.
    The light panel and it's frame can be left there hanging or removed out of the way completely by unplugging the cables.

    Heater trim in it's place. Here you can see the dap windshield plastic clips for the wires.

    Rain/light sensor, the new sensor gel pad comes with the windshield. Remove the old one, put in the new one and apply contact spray.
    Metal clip attaches this to the windshield. Easy to install and remove with a small flat screwdriver. Clean the spot on the glass where the sensor attaches.

    Camera in it's place. I found it easiest to plug in the cable first then carefully slip the camera in, front first, and
    then snap the rear side up in the metal clips, simultaneously helping the cable connector to slip past the plastic frame of
    the interior lights. The original cable harness including the rearview mirror and the rain sensor wiring need to be strip
    off from some of the tape so that those can be separated and rerouted around the camera to their new - a bit more further position.

    The rearview mirror attaches to the windshield by placing it "on top" of the rain/light sensor and turning clockwise.
    To remove it just turn counterclockwise.

    To be continued...
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    Removing the a-pillar trim is probably the hardest part. Please note that there is an airbag element in there attached to the pillar.

    First remove the side panel and the vertical plastic trim.

    The a-pillar trim itself is attached with three clips. Two that just snap out and in and one that comes out for a certain
    amount and then you need to slide it off of the trimming. First pull the trim off from the front end, then middle and then
    the rear. Then you can pry it a bit so that you can release the last clip with i.e. a small screwdriver by sliding it out of the trim piece.

    Here you can see how it's actually attached.
    The two front end clips.

    The trim side of the last clip.

    The chassis side, front clips

    And the last painful 2-stage clip.
    When I installed the trim back I disassembled this painful clip (it can be figured out how, by staring at the evil clip for
    some time) to it's two separate pieces so I could pull it out and place it to the trim side first, and then wiggled the whole
    trim back to its initial position, starting from the front, targeting the 2 front clips first and then pushing the trim back to its place, starting from front.

    I pulled the new cable harness in above the headlining without removing any of it. This can be done with a cable pulling
    spring like electricians use or some other makeshift tool. I think this solution is better than just pushing it in the top-front-end of the headlining as suggested in many guides.
    The camera end of the route.

    The a-pillar end.

    This is the only right way to route and attach the cable because of the airbag.

    The rest of the route you can figure out by following the existing harness.

    The sensor fusion can pair goes to the coupling point here.
    You need to remove the plastic trim around the bonnet opening handle, and part of the floor/door edge trimming.

    Down there is a proper grounding point.

    The other pair (CAN extended) goes to the CAN gateway located on top of the steering column.
    To gain access there you need to remove the plastic with the footwell light, and the piece of plastic air duct. The latter is attached with one screw.
    It's a tight spot and if you're doing this you probably have front assist/acc or led HIGH headlights thus meaning that you
    have CAN gateway of HIGH type with extended bus, thus meaning that the target pins are already reserved, so it's a soldering
    job (this is by far the easiest and most reliable way of doing it).

    CAN gateway there with the red connector. In this photo new wires already attached.

    Gateway to camera - wires soldered, vulcanized and isolated properly.

    I loved the ergonomy while soldering.

    To be continued...

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    And the last part:

    Okay, then the sensor fusion can cabling. Meaning that the camera and the front radar are directly connected to each other
    in addition of the connection they already have in the CAN bus extended. For my understanding there is another coupling point in the engine compartment, but I realized this when I was already at the radar with the cable, so I just directly routed the cable from the a-column coupling point to the radar, unplugged the
    existing pair of wires (going to the aforementioned under-bonnet-coupling point), and plugged in my new guaranteed sensor
    fusion connection. This particular connector can be dismantled without breaking anything, and most of the ready cable sets
    available have the correct type of terminals on the wires).

    In the existing cable route to the cabin, there is a big grommet that actually has another unused very small grommet in it,
    just for cases like this. So I routed the new cable through there:

    To gain clear access to the front radar, the front grille must be removed.

    Below is a link to a video where you can see that the lower side of the grille is held in place with the typical plastic
    clip that you just pull out of thinking that you definitely break something but you don't. So just unscrew the screws
    holding the top of the grille in its place, and gently but firmly pull the lower grille out starting from either side.

    Passat B8 front grille removal

    Then you are greeted by the front radar unit.

    The last part would be giving the camera some +12v ignition on - juice.
    The row of 7.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 10, 10 - fuses are switched on ignition. I'd say that an add-a-fuse solution would be the easiest, fastest and cleanest way.
    I did my own with a DIY add-a-fuse because on my box there was no free ignition switched fuses available, although some of
    the empty bigger fuse spots could be switched on - type too.

    Then, everything wired, ignition on, fire up vcds - of course - and go add the module A5 to the gateway installation list.
    The gateway is already screaming there that it has detected a new module.
    Check that the only fault code in module A5 is "no default setting". Next step, calibration.

    Here is the final looks of my retrofit, not sure what is the thing determining the color of those plastic trims but I like it this way. Neat and sleek.

    Next, when I have time I try to sum up the codings done for particular features, targeting this early MY15 passat B8.


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    A few comments...

    For connecting the A5 to Extended CAN at the GW, a more user-friendly method is to make/use a Y-splitter. One can rather easily make and cheaply make one with very common Audi connectors 4B0972623, 8E0972763 and their corresponding crimp terminals.

    A better accessible factory ground point for the A5 is under the front dome light panel but I guess Kufatec wanted the retrofitter to use other ground points...

    Under bonnet coupling point for the ACC radar is better accessed from the underside, preferrably with the car on a lift and the skid plate off. Connecting directly to the radar connector might hinder the possbile removal of the front bumper in the future.

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