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Thread: Super Sticky Index here! Great info and rules here.

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    Super Sticky Index here! Great info and rules here.

    Too many stickies! So now we have a nice index of great info.

    Rules for posting here in the How-To's and Tips section:
    1. This isn't the section for questions. If you are asking "how do I...", please post it in the correct area of car repair, tweaks or retrofits.
    2. If you are going to reply to a post here, it should be to expand upon the related topic.
    3. Please review rule #1.
    4. If you did a work on your car and what to share what you learned, it goes in this section.
    5. Please review rule #1.
    6. Asking for something to be clarified or additional information on a topic is acceptable.
    7. Please review rule #1.
    8. People who post projects here (Rule #4) are awesome!
    9. Please review rule #1.
    10. Do not place a fork into the toaster.



    [03-ABS Brakes]

    [08-Auto HVAC]

    [26-Auto Roof]

    [34-Level Control]

    [42-Door Elect, Driver] or [52-Door Elect, Pass.]

    [44-Steering Assist]

    [46-Comfort System]

    [4F-Centr. Electr. II]

    G85 Steering Angle Sensor

    VCDS, general information

    Electrical, general information

    More stuff you should know

    Documented projects (you're awesome!)

    Case Studies
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