First and foremost, Thank You for having me

Have used VCDS for many years, tomorrow I shall provide Serial Nos etc to become verified - A call to Ross tech today led me here.

The car runs and drives absolutely fine But !!

From cold it starts and idles perfectly untill it reaches 60c and then the EGR starts to kick in and out, air mass goes silly and then it runs rough, but only if it is in P or N, put it in D or R and it Idles fine again.

The EGR has been removed and cleaned, Even with EGR blocked for testing it behaves that way. (unblocked now)

Using Picoscope and a pressure transducer I can be sure that the ECU is commanding the EGR to fluctuate milliseconds before the EGR reacts - That has led me to think that EGR is the Symptom not the Cause of this fault.

What I have seen in MVBs is that whilst the car is misbehaving, Injector Quantity is around 3.5mg and that seems very low to me. Indeed as soon as I put it in gear, it runs better and that figure rises to 7 - 8 mg

In MVB 43 (2 or 3) I have a temperature reading that will bounce about from minus 20c to plus 150c as I rev it. That cannot be right ??

This engine not having a Label File made me wonder what that reading is from. Autologic described it as Ambient Temp which led me a merry dance for about an hour (thats another story)

VAS 5054 describes it as "Exhaust Gas Temp at Lambda Probe" - Can someone please tell me how that figure is generated ?? Is it a measureable value or is it calculated.
I have good continuity on all wires from Lambda to ECU, the female pins are clean and tight.

I get the same silly values with Lambda probe connected and disconnected - A scope on all 6 wires reveals no answer for me.

I have searched ERWIN to no avail

This car does not have a DPF, no signs that it has been removed, it does not have any Exh Gas Temp Sensors and my best efforts tell me it has not been re mapped. If I unplug actuators and sensors I get all the expected Fault Codes. If I unplug Lambda I only get a Heater Circuit code ??

I would be grateful for any help, suggestions, test plans.

Many thanks