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Thread: Transporter T5 GP BCM PQ25 disable internal Gateway and SMLS

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    SWCM in my car is
    Address 16: Steering wheel (J527) Labels:| 5K0-953-569.clb
    Part No SW: 5K0 953 501 AQ HW: 5K0 953 569 F
    Component: LENKS.MODUL 016 0140
    Revision: FF010042 Serial number: 20130517300612
    Coding: 3100060002

    but I use it onlly for stalks, horn and as slip ring for Airbag and LIN forwarding from MFSW to my module

    this is my MFSW module , coresponding as 3D module with my custom made LBL file I am able to code, make it visible in autoscan, or just invisible (but still accessible when manually type 3D)

    Address 3D: Special Function Labels:. 1F9-909-919.lbl
    Part No SW: 1F9 909 919 A HW: 1F9 909 919 A
    Component: MultifunctionDevice 0071
    Revision: 00H03000 Serial number: 00000000000188
    Coding: 150077
    Shop #: WSC 12345 123 12345
    VCID: 3620C37641EE12FA37-8062

    Subsystem 1 - Part No: 6C0 959 442 B
    Component: E221__MFL-TAT

    No fault code found.

    coding screen

    2 hard working years to finish this
    after that .... did over 10 version of SW , but finally this one is working OK
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