VW Marine engine TMD140-5 code BCV

I need help with timing a VW marine engine. I have a HEX-V2, H11-016685. Can anyone help please?

My engine is a VW marine TDI 140-5, which is 2.5 litre 5 cylinder turbo diesel designated in the data as having a code of BCV. It is 2012 vintage. My researches indicate that the same engine was used in Audi c4 100 and C4 A6 plus Volvo s70,v70 and s80

Autoscan shows no faults. Basic settings 000 provides data that does not correlate with that in the workshop manual. The Tdi timing graph should come up as a radio button on the bottom right of the basic settings window. However, it does not appear on mine although line graphs and VC scopes work.

My VW manual says for basic setting 000, the data fields are:

1=engine speed
2=commencement of injection ***
3=throttle position
4=injection quantity
5=inlet manifold pressure
6=atmospheric pressure
7=coolant temperature ****
8=intake manifold temperature
9=coolant temperature ****
10= air quantity (do no observe)

There is no fuel temperature listed and why there are 2 cooling temperatures, I do not know, but they are for different index ranges, see below

The coolant temperature set point at 9 is 88...198 which corresponds to 20...100 degrees C. When the engine is warm, VCDS shows a reading of 114 which could be interpolated as 39 degrees. Does this look like the right level for fuel temperature and the VW manual is just incorrect. Elsewhere in the manual it shows an example and talks of the fuel temperature as being on data point 9 and says it should be in the range 120 to 190, which it is not on the VCDS

The manual shows the second cooling temperature point is at 7. This has a scale of 37 to 95, for a temperature of 70 to 110. The VCDS reading is 173 so is reading something unknown

Where can I find fuel temperature and can I rely on the data the Vdcs is outputting as being identical to the VW data scales in my manual?

My workshop manual says for a BCV code engine, the timing is 2.8 degrees before TDC to 3 degrees after TDC which corresponds to a set point value of 0...73. VCDS is reading 45, which could be too advanced. Elsewhere, under 008, there are two timing readings in window 2 and 3, the first that says early and the second jumps between 3.5BTDC to 8.3BTDC. The example in the manual I mentioned above shows the timing graph and shows it being set at 140 0n 9 and in the range 38 to 67 for data point 2, but this may be for a different engine in the range covering 100 to 150HP

I have sent control label maps to VCDS support but have been told that they really do not have data nor support for marine engines.

Can anyone help me to unlock the timing graph or to set the timing by another method