AUTO HOLD has been retrofitted to A3 MY2017, the problem is the coding.
Set was bought from k-electronics, but their instructions for coding do not work.
Has anyone successfully coded AUTO HOLD retrofit?

Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 5Q0-907-379-IPB-V1.clb
Part No SW: 8V0 907 379 B HW: 8V0 907 379 B
Component: ESC H25 0610

When trying to code IDE05263-AUTO HOLD functionality to activated, message Enter security code appears even if 20103 was accepted before chaning the add. channel. I have tried also with a few other codes and the same happens.

And after the coding was done:
319C6B8D549B1BAB89930B694191698CD62AD891D082967602 4100F4820812 to
319C6B8D549B1BAB4B930B694191698CD62AD8D2D082967302 4100F4820812
the following trouble code appears in ABS module:

1 Fault Found:

4410 - Indicator Lamp in Auto-Hold Switch
C1156 14 [009] - Open or Short to Ground
Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00000001
Fault Priority: 3
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 246
Mileage: 66349 km
Date: 2019.04.04
Time: 14:58:46