It's up to almost 100k miles and I've had little trouble so far, but the shocks need replacement. They are the magnetic ride control type. The car is still nice, but not worth sinking $4k into replacing the shocks at a dealer, or even $2k to order the factory parts, so I want to DIY it with some Bilstein B6 shocks. That means I need to disable the car's warnings about the magnetic ride control. Is that something I'll be able to do via VCDS? I'm looking at alternatives, too- KW makes a $300-400 kit to fool the magnetic ride control computer that it still has magnetic ride...

The air bag warning light recently turned on, and I'm going to want to reset that once I clean the connector contacts (which seems like the most likely problem, based on posts to other internet forums).

Finally, the bluetooth connection chime has been a major annoyance from day one. It blasts through the sound system at an ear-splitting level. It's so bad I don't use bluetooth unless I absolutely have to. Is there a way to reduce the volume level of that chime signal via VCDS?