My lease on my 2016 e-Golf is up soon so I just picked up a 2019 e-Golf. I went to do some basic coding tonight and was disappointed to find out that VCDS won't allow me to perform any coding changes. Most of the part numbers between my 2016 and 2019 are the same. They're both MK7's and both run on the same platform. It's clear that this isn't a question of the capability of my HEX+CAN interface, it's just that it has been software limited to not allow it.

I see on the HEX+CAN page that my interface isn't compatible with 2017 and newer vehicles, but it seems to me that only thing keeping me from doing the exact same coding mods on my 2019 e-Golf that I performed on my 2016 e-Golf is a software block.

I've upgraded my interface several times throughout the years (ISO-COM >> HEX-USB >> HEX+CAN) and every upgrade I felt justified as the dongle itself provided new functionality (usb support, CAN support, etc.). Now it seems I have to upgrade, but not because my dongle isn't capable...but because Ross-Tech wants me to buy the latest version.

Am I missing something? Is there a technical reason why my HEX+CAN is capable of coding one e-Golf but not another?