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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack@European_Parts View Post
    Jack: Of course - in respect of "slide-rulers", any engineer worth her qualification will tell you that (like many things in life), size doesn't matter!!!

    We have not met, but I expect that you are disgustingly young (I don't blame you for this disability - it's not your fault), so you probably aren't aware that the quality measure (read, accuracy) for slide-rulers is actually, length.

    Rather than a slide-ruler that in your picture is physically "7 foot" (what is a "foot"?), an inventor way back in the 19th century called Fuller decided that the smarter way to increase accuracy was by wrapping the scale spirally around a cylinder. The result was what's called a Stanley-Fuller slide-ruler (Fuller worked for W.F. Stanley & Co). And, I happen to have one of these (rare-ish) devices which because of this forum, I've elegantly posed for you against my trusty HEX-NET cable in the picture below:

    Because I suspect that you value "device specs" - the numbers for this type of slide-rule are: single spiral logarithmic scale graduated into 7,250 parts and having an effective length of 500 inches, which is nearly 42 feet (what is an "inch", or "feet" ?).

    Not surprisingly and like most modern equipment, the Stanley-Fuller slide ruler was designed with planned-obsolescence in mind - once we reached the 21st century, it no longer works!!


    PS: back in the Jurassic period, we called them "slip-sticks"
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