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Thread: 7R - sunroof rain close, LH in 0 switch, autolights threshold adjustment

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    so what shall i change to make it work?

    and, when will newer verison vcds out?
    i hope there will be label file for J245 sunroof unit.. i think, that could solve my problem with sunrrof does not close together with windows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    After looking over that map and searching for various keywords (Komfortbedienung and Regenschliessen) I ended back on the Schiebedach path. I'm not very confident but you might want to try flipping:

    MAS05934-ENG116717-Convert. top oper.-Verdeck mit Schiebedach not active 3

    Next, you mentioned there isn't any Sunroof slave coding in VCDS in the recent email with map.

    Sun Roof:
    Subsystem 5 - Part No SW: 8V3 959 591 HW: 8V3 959 591
    Component: J245 PS73.013 H02 0007
    Serial number: WOO2675212%
    Coding: 181901

    I don't have anything to offer currently but it might not be a bad idea to search for any alternative coding values online or threads discussing any of those bits.
    I own Seat Leon ST (facelift) with sunroof, but also no slave Sunroof under 09 modul. I have RLHS sensor and rain closing feature does not work.

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