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Thread: Unsupported vehicle. Clear advice please

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    Unsupported vehicle. Clear advice please

    I have just plugged onto a 2019 vehicle and got the message "Unsupported Vehicle".
    Forum items tell me a need a interface. But I don't understand which I need.
    I currently have HEX+CAN, Dual K & CAN <-> USB, bought in 2011.
    I am an amateur with a 2006 Polo and a 2016 Caravelle. Only connect once every few months.
    But I do hire vehicles that I like to scan and set to my preferences, also my mates might need a problem solving. once or twice a year.
    The upgrade offer is unclear, eligible to HEX-COM+CAN or HEX-USB+CAN. But I don't think that is mine.

    So what interface do I need, to get the functionality I currently have?
    Is the HEX-V2 a updated version of the HEX+CAN?
    HEX+NET seems very expensive.
    Thanks Derek

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    Late in 2015, VAG started a change in the addressing of the control modules. The HEX+CAN could no longer talk to some new and special modules. Since 2015, more and more of the control modules in the lineup moved in the direction of the new addressing. 2019 models are very heavily invested in it.

    A product change was needed so Ross-Tech released two new products - the HEX-V2 and the HEX-NET. As you are in the UK our UK distribs can assist you with pricing and such. They do have available a HEX-V2 Pro which has unlimited VINs. That product is not available in North America.

    The HEX-V2 is a USB wired device that runs our Windows based VCDS. The HEX-NET is our Pro device intended to replace the HEX+CAN. It runs VCDS both wired and wireless on a Windows PC. It also includes a new software package called VCDS-Mobile which runs on any compute platform that has WiFi and web browser. There is no app required on the smart device.

    There are upgrade programs available where you can trade your HEX+CAN for a new generation device. Please ask a distributor about these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcj99b View Post
    The upgrade offer is unclear, eligible to HEX-COM+CAN or HEX-USB+CAN. But I don't think that is mine.
    The HEX+CAN actually came in two variants, one with an RS232 interface to the PC called HEX-COM+CAN and one with a USB interface to the PC called HEX-USB+CAN.

    So your HEX+CAN is one of those depending on how you connect it to your PC.

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