rather than going to a third party "licensed professional", why should i not go straight to the dealer and have it squared away that way? i'm not fully understanding what you are trying to say.

to ask the same question in further detail. the guy in that thread had them fix the issue and was charged for such. according to you, this should be covered under the EPA/CARB warranty. how would i go about going straight to the dealer, without third party involvement, and have them diagnose and fix the issue, be in intank pump, HPFP, etc., and have it covered under said warranty? what literature would i need to stand on to ensure that they cover the cost of this repair?

Let me ask some more questions okay?

Are you really going to trust a franchise dealer & to do the right thing here, consider consulting a lawyer yet?

Hmm, let's see if you could be so kind & maybe post a picture of the data plate of this vehicle and the emissions group family, I suspect it might be something like this number in parentheses below?

Example: ( Test Group: DVWXV03.6U46 ) ?

so last night i got curious and pulled my HPFP to examine the follower and found this. appears to be some inconsistent wear on the roller. would this be enough to throw the code it is throwing?

Interesting huh, is that making useful life warranty, now is it?

HPP components and in tank FP components are indeed most likely listed as a comprehensive useful life warranty related item, are they not?